Julia Illana is an artist creating 2D and 3D works in Durham, NC.

Her sculptural and comics work delves into the strange, childlike, surprising, and joyful, exploring the unexpected through bold & colorful imagery. She also spends much of her time outdoors—most often at Eno River State Park—and at museums, farms and zoos, sketching animals and painting local natural landscapes in plein air.

Over the last few years, she has shown her work in over 10 exhibitions and performances. She holds BAs in Visual Art and Literary Arts, and currently works in book production & design.

Artist Statement

A driving force behind most of my artworks is a desire to create worlds of wonder. I’m committed to showing people that a love of discovery shouldn’t be left behind when they grow up. I like to make people “feel like a kid again” by awakening their curiosity and sense of play through visual storytelling and interactive works. (Real kids are, of course, welcome too!)

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