Field, 2019. Latch-hook canvas, acrylic yarn, fleece, stuffing, felt and doilies.

Big Night, 2019.

Eyemouth and Eyeteeth, 2019.

Bacon, 2018, Eggs, 2018, and Drippy Greg, 2017. Wood and acrylic paint.

Robot Arms, 2018. Foam, fabric, liquid latex, acrylic paint, PVC pipe, and bicycle handles. Created as a collaboration at Big Nazo Lab. Bottom two photos: arms on the runway of a Kent Stetson show at StyleWeek Northeast, and on the cover of Providence Monthly.

Crusty, 2018. Foam, liquid latex, acrylic paint, gorilla tape, plastic, fabric, ping-pong balls, teddy bear eyes. Crusty was made as part of an internship at Big Nazo Lab, and is still in use as a demonstration and performance puppet today.

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